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This year I had a fight with this girl I knew since grade 7. Back then we weren’t close. We weren’t friends. I didn’t know her name just knew her as the girl I saw crying in the north washroom in middle school. She was shaking violently and when I went to comfort her and ask what was wrong, a scared pale face turned towards me. Her eyes were red and puffy and her face contorted as another wail left her lips. Turns out she snitched on a couple of the girls for cheating on the math exam that morning, and they were giving her a hard time ever since. The entire class had to write it again, and the teacher said she was going to make the new version even harder. I was pretty proud of my answers on that long test and was kind of peeved that she’s the one who had all my hard work go down the drain. But she was crying, so i should have forgiven her right?

Past that day she didn’t have many friends. Everyone managed to distance themselves from her and she looked miserable. Then grade nine rolled around and she would walk into every class with a bright smile. Every class she would manage to crack a joke that would make the class erupt with laughter but made herself look like an idiot in the process. It seemed like a fair deal though because after that she got herself into a close knit group of friends. They were weird kids, but I was proud of her for making friends, good for her. In grade nine she tried really hard to reach out to new people and make more friends. This lead her to excessively complimenting students. Including me. After the usual “you’re so pretty” and “you’re so nice” she moved onto whichever weird compliment she could think of. One I distinctly remember was “wow you’re such a good circle cutter”. I thought she was really strange. She was sweet but after grade nine I didn’t think I would ever see her again. Then grade ten started and we were enrolled into the same highschool.

Soon I left that school and came to Queensland High School. She followed. We were on the same bus and we had a mutual friend that attended this school one year before me so she already had an established group of friends. The mutual friend was also on the bus with us and I sat with her. The girl had already known the mutual friend years before I met her. So they often studied together at the mutual friends house.

One of these nights of tutoring at the friend’s house, she had left the friend in a bad mood and she came to me the next day to complain. This was the first mistake. Who would gossip about someone when that person you’re talking bad about is sitting across from you able to hear everything. Would I want my friends to be bad mouthing me while i sit across from them none the wiser. The friend finished her complaints with a relieved sigh. The strange girl was really quiet the entire bus ride. She remained quiet and had her head buried in her backpack the entire time. This was a stark difference from her usual boisterous behavior. We hadn’t thought much of it, I said goodbye to everyone on the bus and left.

Later that night I had a class to attend and the girl who we were talking about was balling her eyes out explaining to the class how she was really upset because her closest friends were gossiping about her. My heart sank, i knew it was wrong and we shouldn’t have done that. Yet, there was a flame of anger in the pit of my stomach, I was pissed. Who gave her the right to bash our names like that and expose our private fight with 30 strangers. She was crying really hard saying she had depression and anxiety and now this had caused her to develop trust issues. I was angry, but I should have forgiven her right? I mean we were the ones who wronged her. Why should I be upset.

Later that night the strange girl had posted something on her instagram. “I can’t believe I just cried in front of a class of fakes and snakes” she was referencing the class from a couple hours ago. Immediately I convinced myself that she was calling me out. She deserved to be upset but had no reason to bash me I convinced myself as I made my way to her direct messages. We fought for a bit, and as the argument continued I lost more compassion towards her and her situation. Somewhere in the mix she began getting really aggressive with me and was not trying to resolve the issue anymore. She was more upset with me then she was with her close friend that was saying really saying nasty things about her. I didn’t think this was fair so I stopped being nice. Petty insults and comments was all I thought was gonna come out of this disagreement but the strange girl had something else in mind. She had made it her goal to tell as many people possible of this fight. And how terrible of a person I am and made sure to tell her mom who told all the moms in the community thatI was a rude girl. The girls evidence for this claim was backed up with the secrets I had trusted her with when we were friends. But I was the one who hurt her first so I should’ve forgiven her. It doesn’t matter what came after, I had to do with the initial incident. So its my fault?

Eventually the fights got more intense and within a week my friends from other schools had heard from the community of this fight. One of these friends was a girl I was friends with since preschool. When I explained to her what had gone down she was really upset and got involved right away, and thank god everything got resolved.


I Miss You – Poem with Explanation

I will never forget the day we had to say goodbye.

The day we both had dreaded the most;

it came too soon.

It was our last day together,

before you had to leave.

I remember as it was just yesterday.

We looked into each others eyes,

and I could see how much we both longed to stay together.

You hugged my arm so tightly;

I rested my head on yours.

Then came time for me to leave,

and I hugged you so tightly

while you wrapped your strong arms around me.

I walked towards the door

and I took my last look at your face;

smiled and told you

i love you.

Now every day goes by,

and not a single day has gone by without the thought of you in my head.

I wonder if you know how much I miss you.

Because I really do.

I miss you a lot.

Everything about you.

I miss your cute smile,

your adorable laugh,

your sweet voice,

how you would call me whenever I was feeling down.

I miss the way we would look at each other in the eyes.

I could keep looking into your eyes forever and ever,

because every time I did,

I would get lost in your cute tiny eyes which hid a billion words.

I miss the way I felt safe when you would hug me,

the way I felt protected in your arms.

I miss the way you would tease me.

The way you would adjust the sound of your voice to mimic me.

I miss everything about you.

When you come back,

promise me you won’t ever leave me again?

I love you, and

I miss you.

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I wrote this poem from the perspective of someone who misses their loved one. They miss everything about them. When someone misses someone who they love dearly, they usually have the feelings of emptiness, and feel as if they have lost a part of them. The poem I wrote shows what happens and what thoughts go through their mind when they miss someone. The pain and emptiness makes them remember every small memory with that person that they will cherish forever.



Procrastination – Free Choice







You may wonder what does that long word mean and why do you always hear people saying, “no procrastination!”

Well, let me tell you.

When you look it up in the dictionary, you get this:

“the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.”

For me, Procrastination is the most dangerous word that ever exists. The moment you reach the stage of procrastination an unpleasant feeling comes over you. You begin to feel stressed, your heart begins to ache, your head begins to pound, and everything becomes a mess. It becomes chaos inside and outside. A turbulent wave of fear, anxiety, frustration, guilt, and anger. There is nothing you can do to get rid of the overwhelming feeling except for getting those dreaded and unwanted tasks that you have been putting away for so long done.

Yes, I admit I have encountered the stage of procrastination many times, Procrastination mainly occurs within individuals because we most of the time think of short term happiness rather than long term happiness. We put aside unwanted tasks the minute we hear about them and tell ourselves that we have so much time so lets just do something fun right now and finish the task later. Then the night before or at the very last minute we realise that our work is incomplete and that it must be done very soon. Then that is when we notice we just reached the stage of procrastination. Overwhelming negative feelings come over us, we begin to stress and rush things. Most people when they reach this stage start wasting time again thinking about how they procrastinated while procrastinating even more. For example, they start telling their close friends or family their mistake and how they are so stressed without even knowing that they are wasting even more time doing this.

Procrastination is not a good thing. If us human beings did not procrastinate we would be much more efficient and we would have our work and tasks completed in much better quality.

Now that we know what procrastination means, what it does to us, and why we do it, I figured you would want to know some ways on how to stop it from occurring.

So, here are some tips on how to stop procrastinating:

We can stop procrastinating by thinking ahead and thinking of consequences of it rather than the exciting things you can do while setting it to the side to finish later. We should have the mindset that if we finish now we can enjoy the exciting things later without having to worry about incomplete tasks.



Hakuna Matata – Anecdote

“Hakuna Matata”

It means no worries. These two words are words that I would hear constantly over and over when I was a little girl in preschool. I was always really close with my parents and grandparents, and before preschool I couldn’t really think back to a time where I was left without them. That is why on the very first day of school when my parents came to drop me off I was terrified and was scared to be without them. I was a quiet kid, so I just looked into my parents eyes with watery eyes that were about to tear up  I just ran to my mom and hugged her and I didn’t want to let go of her. I wanted to stay with them. So my dad knelt down so he could be at around the same height as me and he whispered into my ears, “Hakuna Matata.”

The Lion King was one of my favourite movies at the time and I remember I would wake up really early in the morning and make my dad watch it with me. This is where he got the word “Hakuna Matata” from. Everyday he would drop me off to school and the same thing would happen. He would whisper into my ears again. Whenever I was afraid or worried I would hear the words again. They were stuck to me.

Now as I look back, I realise more of the meaning to “Hakuna Matata”. It means no worries but also much more. It means to find inner peace within myself and not to stress over the smallest things. Now whenever I start worrying too much I think back to the days when my dad would whisper “Hakuna Matata” and I feel peace and calmness around me.


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