Who am I?

I am the girl that YOU see sitting in class at her desk, quietly minding her own business. The girl that doesn’t talk much.

Is that really true though?

Looking through my friends eyes, I am like a flower bud that slowly begins to bloom. Once people begin to talk to me, they get to know me better and realise that I talk too much and can not control my laughter.

My name means sunrise in Arabic, and at home my family likes to compare me to the sun. In surroundings including people I don’t know well, I am much quieter and you would tend to miss me almost as if I was hiding behind the clouds and no light was showing. On the other hand, when i’m surrounded by my friends and family I am very loud and energetic. Therefore, there would be no way you would miss me behind the clouds because you would still see the light shining through.

Wanna know more?

I am as delicate as glass. I am very accepting and share my love and trust too easily, and when that is messed with I break and it takes a while for me to get myself back together.

I express my feelings and emotions in different ways. Through writing, painting, art, and the use of my voice.

I tend to stare into the dark night sky filled with shiny glistening stars and find myself fall into deep thought and I begin to overthink. Only because in my world everything needs to be precise and organised in order for me to feel satisfied.

People look at me and see an innocent girl who loves too much and cares too much, and they begin to take advantage of my kindness and respect I show to everyone around me. I always wonder what I ever did to be taken so much advantage of. All I ever did was be kind and in return people use that and take it as my weakness.

They say look at her, what is she wearing? Why does she look the way she does? All of these judgements made without seeing what is on the inside. This is why I don’t care anymore. Every flower is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. People can say and think whatever they want about me, but that won’t stop me from being who I am. Which is a teenage girl who loves to goof off, laugh a lot, make jokes, and spend time with the people she loves the most.

My name is Zuha Rafiq, and welcome to my blog!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Zuha,
    I really liked this! The metaphors and similes in this gave good imagery and fit well with the piece. I also like how you summarized what you said in the first couple paragraphs in the second last sentence. I don’t know you very well, but I feel like I know you as a person better than I knew you before reading your about me.

    If you had to improve something, I’d suggest making more of a connection between you and the flower in the last paragraph or adding another metaphor in the last or second last paragraph to keep the amount of comparisons throughout the piece consistent.

    Overall, I really liked reading it and I think your writing style is very nice!

    1. Dear Caitlyn,

      I am glad you liked my writing, and I agree that I should have added more detail with the flower to further deepen the connection. As well as adding another metaphor in the last paragraph. Thank you for taking the time to read my piece.


  2. Dear Zuha,

    You’re piece was quite beautiful I must say. You’re comparisons to a sunset, flowers and glass really hooked me because of the style and tone you used constructing you’re descriptions. I feel like through this post, I have gotten the chance to know you more in depth.

    I think you need to look over some basic punctuation, grammar and capitalization issues, but the rest seems to be just fine!

    I definitely look forward to reading you’re upcoming pieces because this one really did get me hooked!

    1. Dear Faryal,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my page, and comment on it. I agree, I have some basic punctuation, grammar, and capitalization issues which I will try to improve on for my future writing.


  3. Dear, Zuha

    This is a very honest and personal piece. I really enjoyed the contrast of what people see on a surface level Vs what is really inside you. I also found this to be something I could really identify with. I too seem very dull and uninterested on the outside when on the inside I´m striving for connection. Of course writing doesn’t have to be relatable to be amazing but in your case it just enhanced your piece. The metaphors through out such as glass, the sun and flowers were very poignant and I am glad you choose to include various symbols to describe yourself as it reflected more of who you instead of just one little part of yourself.

    My one suggestion would be to check for GUMPS as some of the sentences are a bit choppy but overall it doesn’t take away from the reading experience.

    Sincerely, Reegan

    1. Dear Reegan,

      I am very happy you enjoyed reading my piece, and I agree there are some sentences that are choppy, and I will work on that in order to enhance my writing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my piece.


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