Part A: You, the writer

Throughout the year, I realised that my writing has improved quite a bit. I used to struggle with placing comas, and constantly using run-on sentences. I began to re-read my writing to catch those mistakes so that I could further improve, and with time my writing became much better and I slowly began to stop writing run-on sentences, and I adjusted the placement of commas correctly. Writing is one of the ways I can express my voice. Usually I would say my voice has an emotional side to it, and I mainly have my writing about feelings and how it can impact an individual. If I were to give advice to future creative writers, I would tell them to be very observant of their surroundings so they can make sure they catch every detail possible to express in their writing. Another tip to being a successful writer that I would give them is to read. Reading is one of the most essential and vital components to writing. It allows us to explore the many different styles of writing, as well as it allows us to pick up new words that we can use in our writing to enhance it. For the future, my goal is to continue reading as much as possible, writing book summaries on what I read, what I gained from it, and how I can relate to it. This can allow me to improve my writing further.

Part B: You, the Blogger

Honestly speaking, I am not a huge fan of my blog, as this semester I found it quite difficult to write new pieces and post them on here, as writing isn’t really in my comfort zone. Although, I do feel that during this course I have began to develop an interest for writing due to the analysing, and emulating we do in class.

Here is a list of a few blogs I really enjoyed from students in my class:









Part C: You, the student

My favourite activity from Creative Writing without any doubt, would be the River Walks. River Walks always gave me a chance to be around nature and away from all the school stress from cores. It allowed me to focus on the beauty of nature. It was a quiet space where I could be left alone and write about the beauty I was surrounded by. Another activity that I really enjoyed was going to Bow View Manor to visit the elderly. It ave me the chance to listen to the stories of the elderly and build a connection with them through their experiences. I noticed that when us students would visit them, they would be happy to see us as not many teenagers or kids visit. The poems we wrote for them was my favourite because just being able to know that you made someone smile feels really good on the inside.

This semester I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked. However, I loved the book Out Of my Mind, by Sharon M. Draper. It allowed me to feel sympathy for those with special needs, and at the same time it made me feel grateful for the things we are blessed with that we constantly take for granted. A book that I am really looking forward to reading is Here So Far Away, by Hadley Dyer. Reading has improved my writing by giving me the chance to read different genres and styles of writing that influenced me positively in ways so that I can incorporate the different styles into my writing in order for me to become better.


Part D: You, the fan

The guest speakers who came in to our class this year inspired me in many ways, by talking about their experiences in the class and how they grew from it. Watching them do the things that they loved and creating it into a career inspired me to work at what I enjoy doing so I can become better at it.

Writing Seminars were a great way for the class to explore the many styles of writing and how why authors chose their specific stylistic writing. It allowed me to find what I enjoyed to read the most and it will benefit me greatly in the future.


Part E: You, the critic

Piece 1- About me

About Me

This is my About Me. It talks about me, the origin of my name, my hobbies, my interests, the way I am seen by different people in my life, and how I deal with my emotions. I wrote this so that when anyone decides to explore my blog, the first thing they will see is my about me. That way before they begin reading my other pieces they get to know me well first. This is one of my pieces that I rally like because I got to express myself the most with it.


Piece 2- I Miss You- Poem with Explanation

I Miss You – Poem with Explanation

I wrote this poem from the perspective of someone who misses someone they love. I called it “I Miss You”, because the piece constantly talks about the things they miss. Whenever I miss someone I begin to feel emptiness and I feel like I have lost a part of me. When I miss them, I begin to think about all the memories we had together and what we had been through together. This is what I tried to emphasize in my poem.